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Family planning isn't just a man or woman's responsibility. Both partners need to know and understand the birth control choices available to them, whether they seek permanent methods or not.

For most couples, vasectomy represents a simple, permanent alternative to other traditional birth control methods. Vasectomy, as performed by any standard means, is a relatively safe procedure that is over 99% effective as a birth control method. Typical of these techniques is the No-Scalpel Vasectomy procedure or "NSV" Over 600,000 American men and their families choose vasectomies annually. By far, vasectomy is a safer, less invasive form of birth control than is tubal ligation for women.

Your options, and surgical choices, are important when you are planning your family. Many couples are attracted to vasectomy because reversal is a possibility and, sometimes, a desire "down the road." Most vasectomies and reversals are performed by urologists, though anywhere from 1% to 30% are performed by family practitioners, depending on location and region.

Cost is an important consideration. The NSV is usually performed in a doctor's office. The cost ranges from $400 to over a $1000 and is reimbursed by most health insurance companies. This is considerably less than the financial cost and recovery time required by tubal ligation.

Much of this site will focus on the No-Scalpel Vasectomy, as it is rapidly becoming the procedure of choice among patients. You probably have questions and concerns about this and other birth control methods. Our hope is that you will gain helpful information from this site on the procedures of no-scalpel vasectomy, vasectomy reversals, and the doctors who perform them.

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"VasCenters.com was the perfect resource for my husband and me, because the information is important to both men and women. Making a permanent family planning decision about vasectomy isn't a choice you can make lightly… or alone." -- Betty and John F., patients

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